Common Causes of Diabete

diabetes and the metabolic syndrome
Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome


Diabetes can occur if your body doesn’t produce enough insulin or if the cells don’t respond to the insulin as they should.  There are many different reasons why this can occur.  Keep reading to learn about the various causes of diabetes.



One of the main reasons that people develop this condition is because of their genes.  Although it’s possible to develop type-1 diabetes because of genetic reasons, it’s much more likely to have type-2.  If one of your parents or close relatives has this condition, then you have an increased risk of getting it too.


Blood Pressure

One of the next common causes of diabetes is high blood pressure.  Hypertension puts you at risk for many different health problems, only one of which is diabetes.  You can also develop it if there is an increased level of fat, or triglycerides, in your blood.



Alcoholics commonly develop diabetes too.  This substance can either increase your blood sugar dramatically, or lower it a lot.  This is one of the main reasons why people who have been diagnosed with the condition are advised to avoid excessive use of alcohol.



Obesity is one of the most common causes of diabetes.  Being overweight makes your body much less responsive to the insulin that it produces.  Losing weight will increase the likelihood of the condition going away so you won’t have to take insulin anymore.



As you get older, your body starts to break down and suffer a range of health problems.  Type-2 diabetes is one of the problems that you may develop as you age.  This is especially more common for those older than 65 years old.



It’s always advised to get as much exercise as possible.  You can develop diabetes if you lack a lot of physical activity.  Your body won’t be able to burn calories and use energy efficiently if you don’t stay active enough.


Pancreas Damage Cause by diabetes

The pancreas is the gland responsible for producing insulin.  If it is damaged in some way, then it will not be able to do its job correctly.  This will allow sugar to accumulate in the blood stream and the cells won’t be able to use it efficiently.  Pancreas damage is most often caused by an infection.  However, consumption of harmful chemicals and even pancreatic surgery can cause it.


Medications for Diabetes

One of the final common causes of diabetes is use of various medications.  Having an excessive amount of corticosteroids in your body will dramatically increase your risk.  Other medications like beta blockers may also be the problem.  If medication leads to diabetes, it’s often temporary and will go away soon after you stop taking it.


Conclusion for Diabetes

These are some of the most common causes of diabetes.  Most people develop the condition because of their genes.  However, you also have an increased risk if you consume alcohol excessively, aren’t very active, or if you just get old.  You need to take care of yourself to avoid getting this potentially deadly condition.  If you do suspect that you have it, make sure that you manage it properly so that it won’t affect your quality of life cause Diabetes.


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